Restaurant Lighting Trends on the Horizon

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Light- it’s what helps us see, it sets the stage, brightens our mood and makes us look good. One never looks back at a positive experience in a restaurant that has brash lighting…it’s always warm and intimate. A restaurant and barcan have amazing design elements but those elements are nothing without good lighting.  The importance of lighting is integral to design and it seems as restaurant and bar owners have caught onto this more in recent years. Interesting lighting is here and it’s here to stay. So what are the top lighting design trends on the horizon? We have created a trend list to look out for:


Au Naturale

It is hard to deny that botanical boho chic is the very current trend right now. Every magazine or television interior these days seem to depict some variation of tropical plant, a relaxing chair and geometric rug donned with natural woven baskets.  It’s a relaxed feel good alternative to its industrial up-cycled predecessor and it seems as though it will be sticking around. Large rattan light pendants give off a lovely glow of shapes, are a distinctive statement and also won’t break the bank. Mix and match them or present one massive one. They are great and we are big fans.Here at the Casa Cook Hotel in Greece they use grand woven pendants to adorn their dining table. Simple but effective.

The Casa Cook Hotel in Greece

The Casa Cook Hotel in Greece


Unique & Bespoke

Nowadays restaurant design is all about individuality and having pieces within your space that you can’t just go out and buy on the high street. Restaurateurs are commissioning bespoke light features more and more and there is good reason as to why. Not only do they emit light but they are unique talking pieces. From massive ceiling displays to intricate wall fixtures bespoke lights are wonderful features and truly add to a space. This is a handmade Indian bell light installation created by 2G |Interiors. The objective was to mix modern lighting with traditional nostalgic objects for a modern Indian craft beer bar. The lights give off a warm glow that bounce off of the bells highlighting them playfully and creating a centerpiece.  


T&T Bell.jpg

Bespoke Indian Bell Light Installation created by 2G Interiors


User Control Over Your World


In current days people are using apps and ipads in substitute of waiters and cashiers…so why can’t this be translated into user experience for mood lighting? We use apps and technology to control most things…so why can’t we be in charge of our own ambiance when it comes to light? Companies such as Crestron have teamed up with Alexa and other apps to make this happen. They take all of your light sources and make each one completely customise-able for any time of day, mood, setting. Picture a restaurant where the user can do this through apps right at their very own table. As designers we like to be able to design our own lighting scheme and let customers relax and enjoy- but it will be interesting to see how things progress.




Larger Than Life

It goes without saying that large lighting can often pack a big punch. You can have the most simple restaurant designs and massive lighting elements can be your only statement piece – they can truly stand on its own. This massive glowing beaded chandelier  from 2G ‘s restaurant lighting design is a statement on its own.



Large Beaded Pendant, 2G Interiors



Little Bursts

Alternatively it’s very popular currently to make a statement in a lighting design scheme that incorporates a lot of little lights within a vast complex ceiling design. Take this light bulb installation from Aktar’s new restaurant Opheem in Birmingham. The overall design  within the restaurant is quite simple but it is truly made by a unique lighting fixture that incorporates multiple little bursts of lights that sweeps across the dining room – a beautiful sight.



Lighting at Opheem, Birmingham UK



There was a time when neon lights were dedicated to taglines like “cocktails and dreams” , only found a home in dive bars or cheap hotels and seemed ..quite frankly tacky. Nowadays  neon can have a very modern approach, be used as works of art or to convey messages while bringing forth a sense of nostalgia. Neon can also give off a lovely warm glow. There are many modern examples of non-traditional simple linear neon lights used to shape, highlight and create atmosphere. Alternatively they are being used to create instagrammable taglines  “ I got baked in San Francisco” – of Mr Holmes original bakery and creator of the “Cruffin” ( Croissant / Muffin hybrid) – not only is this bakery famous for it’s crazy baked concoctions, it is known for it’s simple luxe design with an insanely pink eye-popping neon sign. #igotbakedinsanfrancisco – has it’s own page and over 3,000 posts.



got baked.jpg

Mr Holmes Bakery in San Francisco


Did you know that 2G interiors carries out lighting design plans and bespoke lighting products? We are fascinated by how lighting effects a bar/restaurant space and we love creating lighting schemes. Please contact us for more information